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What is a Switcha?

Switcha [swɪtʃa]
A person who relentlessly checks to make sure they’re on the best deal for everything.
“She became a real Switcha and saved £1,000s every year.”
“After he saved £200 on his car insurance he became an obsessive Switcha.”

Switcha has a purpose, a reason to be and that is to constantly search for the best deals and present them to you when you’re ready to see them. Our team of experts are constantly scouring the nation to bring you informative articles and great deals on products ranging from energy switches to car insurance to mobile deals.


  • To ensure a fair deal, the right deal
  • To make a real difference to our customers financially
  • To inspire people to save more and to earn more
  • Values

  • Integrity - Always be honest
  • Factual - Be a “Real News” outlet
  • Passion - Love what we do
  • Quality - Do what we do the best we can
  • Hard Work - With sleeves rolled up
  • Cutting Edge - What’s going to be big next year
  • Enjoyment - The days should fly by
  • Switcha Limited is classed as a credit broker for consumer credit products, not a lender. Switcha Limited (11158502) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and registered under number 828963.

    Switcha is a free, online comparison service that allows you to compare financial products and provides some informative article content. The FCA is the independent regulator who regulate financial services.

    Information on this website is for information only and should not be seen as financial advice or a recommendation to purchase any particular product or service. We work with a number of authorised, third party providers to bring these services to you. We make every effort to ensure that the information published is correct and up to date but we’re unable to guarantee its accuracy or reliability.

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